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New date for submission of full paper: October 10-28, 2013.
Registration and payment (required for approved works): up to 1st of november, 2013.

Call for papers

The I International Congress on Net-activism will be held November 6-8, 2013, at the School of Communications and Arts, University of São Paulo. As an academic event, it will bring together Brazilian and foreigner scholars and practitioners from a wide spectrum of fields who focus on understanding the thematic of activism in digital networks.

Showcasing contributions from renowned international researchers as well as representatives from major net-activist movements in Europe, north-Africa, Middle-east and the Americas, this trans-disciplinary debate aims to promote, expand and consolidate our understanding of these outstanding and thought-provoking movements, providing an open and welcoming forum for the field.

Besides conferences and round-tables, the Congress will hold 7 sessions, opening up opportunities for presentation of original communications from researchers. Relevant contributions will be accepted that address the themes within the established topics for each session below.

Themes for the Sessions 

S1 – Meanings and qualities of networked actions
Coordinator – Massimo Di Felice (ATOPOS-ECA/USP)
Vice-coordinator – Antonio Rafele (ATOPOS-ECA/USP)

S2 – Segfault: conflicts between laws, norms and the digital in networked actions
Coordinator – Alexandre Hannud Abdo (FM/USP)
Vice-coordinator – Leandro Yanaze (Poli-ATOPOS/USP)

S3 – Net-activism of local cultures and “e-diaspora”
Coordinator – Marta Severo (Lille III University)
Vice-coordinator – Eliete Pereira (ATOPOS-ECA/USP) e Mariana Marchesi (ATOPOS-ECA/USP)

S4 – Environmental Net-activism
Coordinator – Mario Pireddu (University of Rome, Three)
Vice-coordinator – Julliana Cutolo (ATOPOS-ECA/USP), Beatriz Redko (ATOPOS-ECA/USP) and Fernanda Moreira (ATOPOS-ECA/USP)

S5 – Net-activism and consumption practices
Coordinator – Eneus Trindade (ECA/USP)
Vice-coordinator – Dora Kaufman

S6 – From representative democracy to digital democracy
Coordinator – André Lemos (UFBA)
Vice-coordinator – Erick Roza (ATOPOS-ECA/USP)

S7 – Media activism and digital activism
Coordinator – Giselle Beiguelman (FAU-USP)
Vice-coordinator – Andre Stangl (ATOPOS-ECA/USP)

Guidelines for submissions and Deadlines

Abstract should be submitted from June 28 to September 30th,, 2013. They must be between 1500 and 2000 words in length (including spaces) and submitted via e-mail ( in Open Document Format (ODF), Word format (DOC) or “Rich Text Format” (RTF). No summaries received after this date will be accepted.

They should include the name(s) of author(s), affiliation(s), contact details, the paper title and three key words. They should also contain the name of the working group to which the abstract is submitted. . Contributors must only submit original works of their authorship which has not been previously published or presented. Abstracts will be accepted in one of four languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Abstracts must not be sent to more than one of sessions. If this happens, the first work received will be rejected.

Notification of acceptance for all submissions will be  released on the Congress’s website no later than October 7, 2013 . The complete congress program  will be available on the website:, in August,  2013.

The authors who  have their abstract accepted must send their full  paper from October 8 to October 25, 2013, so that it can be included in the Congress proceedings. Please note that all presenters must be registered as conference participants. Please complete the conference registration and payment  according to the instructions available on the website of the event. Those who do not send the complete work by the indicated deadline will not have their text included in the website of the event, but will be able to present them at the event. The text must be between 20,000 and 35,000 words  (with spaces), including  references and footnotes. The following items are required: title, abstract up to 10 lines, three key words, a short  curriculum of the author  –  up to three lines (including institutional affiliation). The text must be typed in Times New Roman font, size 12 , 1.5 spaced-line, in Open Document Format (ODF), Rich Text Format (RTF) or Word (DOC). Indented quotes must be typed in size 10 , single-spaced. The total file size should not exceed 10 MB (two megabytes).

The authors retain all rights over their works, and agree to license those, if accepted, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Deadline for the abstract submission

The abstract proposals must be submitted between June 28 to September 30th, 2013, through the e-mail

Evaluation Criteria

The proposals will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee, regarding  the pertinence of the research field in net-activism, as well as the theme and sub-themes of the I International Congress on Net-Activism – digital networks and new practices of democracy.


The result of the selection of the works will be divulged on the 7th of October on the website of the Congress.

Important dates

June 28 – September 30 – Submission of abstract proposals

October 8 to October 25: Full papers for conference proceedings

September 2 – November 1: Registration

November 6 – 8: Congress